Photo By: Moe Zoyari

Photo By: Moe Zoyari



Kaylee Costello is a Chicago/California-based freelance photographer with a passion for environmental science. Her keen personality gives her a knack for capturing colorful, vivid, splashes of life.

Kaylee started her photography work in secondary school while taking photo classes and working with the year book team as one of the head photographers. During that time, she was published in Photographer’s Forum Best of College and high School Photography 2013 & 2014 and published again in Photographer's Forum Best of Photography 2014.

While exploring her talent at Columbia College of Chicago, Kaylee found her love for science and environmental research. She has intern with a research documentary about micro organisms in the Ocean called Microcosm! Kaylee was in charge of creating lively deigns, compositing environments, and managing social media like Instagram & Red Bubble. 

Currently, besides her freelance work, Kaylee is a volunteer photographer for Scientist for Tomorrow. She is involved with teaching students and adults about science! During the conventions, she photographs the hands on projects and candid engagements with the experiments.  

Kaylee is always up for the next adventure, if you are interested in hiring her, get ready to start a journey that will be most inspirational!